Our mission

The world is becoming increasingly more interconnected day after day with this comes the problem of communicating with speakers of other languages. We aim to eliminate this problem and open the world to everyone.


Not only do we want to do this as it we benefit everyone. We believe that good communication between the whole world will eliminate a lot of the problems that we face today; hunger, war, poverty, and disease. It will definitely make them a lot easier to solve. This is why if any of the work is for a charity organization we offer you a 65% discount.


Who we are

Global Translation UK is a multination organization that provides a translation service using our own team and freelance agents.

We have been established in the translation industry providing new age methods to provide the best service.

We stand out from our competitors offering exceptional customer service and custom translation. As well as our free consultation session, no other organization offers this. You should take advantage of this. 

Between our team, we provide over 1000 languages. With our team of native speakers who are also professional translators are experts in certain types of translation such as localization, audio, video, documents, and website.

If you choose us today you will definitely use us tomorrow. We are so confident of this that we offer a 100% guarantee that your work we are translated correctly and if you are not satisfied with our work you will get a 100% refund. You can't lose.

We pride ourselves on our customer service providing an experience that is unique to you. With an optional free consultation, before you accept the quote. Where we will discuss what you to be done with the translation and how you want it to end up 

Do you want this? The answer is yes. Get a quote now.

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Global Translations UK  

Global Translation is a professional translation site that puts clients with translation needs in direct contact with professional freelance translators worldwide. Global Translations is available for all types of translations