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Have you written a book or course and it's only reaching one audience? Of course, it is. It's only in one language. Change that get it translated.


Why you need the translation

English is spoken by 4.7% of the world. This means that if your work is only in English it only reaches 1/20 of the world this is your work that you have put your money, sweat, blood, and tears it only reaches under 5% of the world. That’s 95% of a populace of 7.9 billion that’s 7.5 billion people are unable to comprehend your work yet even enjoy it.  That seems unfair. Change that now and have your work reach 100% of the world. 




We offer a wide array of translations of books and courses. All subjects are accepted.

  • eBooks

  • Paper books

  • Online courses

  • Book and course localization


What is a localized translation

Localized translation is the process of adapting your original work to make it more specific to the market or area in which your work would be. This would involve changing things such as currencies and display layouts this would mean that when the audience is enjoying your content they do not become confused due to examples of currencies that are not common to them. Which means they will enjoy it more. If your goal is marketing and to gain more traffic we would recommend you do this.



What is

Book translation is the process of translating a book from an original language to a new language. This would involve translating every page of the book. And, writing a new preface or translating the original. We recommend a new one.

Due to the fact it involves translating a whole book. The process is labour-intensive and due to this is time-consuming. We try to give the best possible service and translation which still being fast however the process can take a long time.


We will send you updates regularly with copies of chapters when they are completed.




  1. You send us a message saying you want a book or course translation. If you want an accurate quote please send us a pdf or jpg copy of the book. Alternatively, send us a physical copy.

  2. Our team will start translating/localizing the book or course.

  3. The work will be regularly proofread and you will be sent updates

  4. Once complete the whole book will be proofread

  5. You will then receive the translated book will the original and a full report.




Why choose us

Global Translation UK is an established organization with 200 plus years' experience between our team. We provide the most languages out of any other translation organization. We have a team of widespread expertise with a specialist in Audio, Text, video and translation localization. Our team also consist of both native speakers and highly skilled


We have had outstanding feedback from our partners on our translation service and effectiveness. With all works being proofread at no extra cost to you.

We have been described as the "best value for money translation service" and other credits such as "quick and amazing" "could not have paid for better service"

We are grateful for every customer we get and treat all our customers as individuals, making sure all of our translations are done how the individual customer wants them done. Use our free consultation to get the most out of this.

We offer a guaranteed accurate translation we are so confident if this that if the translation is not accurate a refund is guaranteed.

Our quote and consultation are free. We will only lose sleep if you miss out on this opportunity.

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