Terms and conditions 

The price which you pay includes the completion of the work as well as any other cost Global Translation UK may face in completing your work.


When referring to your work this is in reference to anything which you send us that you want translated this includes; websites, audio, video, documents, e-course, books ,and anything else which you may send us which you need translating.


Your privacy is one of our top priorities. All personal information which you give us will be kept confidential this includes and is not limited too; name, address, phone number, email, any payment details, and any other personal information. The only things of your which will be shared is your work which may be shared with freelance agents. On online service provides where these agents are employed by the company.  Global Translation is not liable nor does it take any responsibility to the freelance agents work. Any guarantee which we give on work that freelance agents have done is not legally binding and Global Translation is under no obligation to complete this.  Yet, Global Translation UK is an ethically good company and will refund you if any mistakes are made.  By agreeing to the term and condition, you allow this to happen. 


We guarantee that your work will be 100% accurately translated. If you happen to find an error and are able to proof that the error was made by our translator we will give you are complete refund. This is only limited to documents which are under 5000 words any document above this size a limited number of mistakes may happen. If you find any mistakes we will amend those mistakes free of charge.


Our quality it the upmost important to us. Global Translation UK guarantees that your work will be proofread before to goes back to you.


A possible time frame for the completion of the translation will be included in the quote. Global Translation UK will try to stick to this time frame as closely as possible but is under no obligation to complete the work in the time frame that Global Translation UK gives you.


Open receiving your work back you will receive the initial work which you sent us as well as the translated work and a report of the translation.

The translated work we have a stamp to show that it was completed by us.


Translation work we only begin once payment has been received. Once you have paid this there are no extra charges unless you call us and what to add an addition language or service such as localisation in this case extra cost may occur.


Special exception can be made if you wish to pay in instalment is this is the case please contact us customer.support@globaltranslationuk.com



If you have any question regarding the terms and condition or any work of your please contact us.

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